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  • Containers oriented

    All the development facets have integrated Continuous Deployment strategy by promoting container image. It make it Cloud Agnostic and reduces risks.

  • Ci/Cd

    With development facets all the build and deploy pipelines are ready to use. Deployment strategy comes with integrated SSL connectivity and auto generated certificates.

  • Platform

    Solinter Platform is a PaaS for managing IaaS with Web and CLI interfaces. It helps to build an infrastructure following the best practices. The goal is to serve IaaS with zero time spent learning curve.

  • Environments

    Abstract your network by managing environments. Each environment is logically isolated from others.

  • Infra and network provisioning

    Each change of infrastructure is easily traceable thanks to event driven architecture.

  • Everything as code

    Each provision and deployment created by the platform is automatically reposited as code of commonly used tools and allows to recover after any disaster.

  • Network Monitoring

    The big approach for hybrid cloud strategy is connectivity monitoring between assets of different infrastructures. It comes included for each cloud connectivity.

  • Costs control

    Payment information of all used public clouds is centralized and allows to analyse, change strategy and save money. Private cloud usage is also measurable in costs.

Event driven and scalable


Solinter Architecture


Web services builded on Solinter Private Cloud.


Deploy production ready Kubernetes cluster and connect to the Environment.


Managed VPN solution for infrastructure access oriented to changeable teams.


Deploy Virtual Machines with required resources, connectivity and access level.


With facets you get ready-to-develop code and ready-to-use CI/CD pipelines, just focus on development.

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